Are you supported through fertility treatment?

Fertility issues are a heartbreakingly common reality for many people. In fact, one in seven couples in the UK has trouble starting a family. There is a lot for couples to process - the disappointment of not being able to conceive naturally as well as the implications of fertility treatment on them and, potentially, their children. In this bonus episode, Anna Richardson speaks to Mary-Anne Singh, an accredited counsellor at HCA UK’s Lister Fertility Clinic, about how she helps couples come to terms with fertility issues. 


Mary-Anne talks about:

  • How she works with couples coming to terms with the fact they may not be able to conceive naturally. She also talks couples through HFEA regulations and the implications of creating a family using donor egg or sperm
  • Why men struggle to come to terms with fertility issues and why talking them through is really important
  • How she counsels people who donate their eggs or sperm to understand their motivation and to make sure they feel comfortable with the implications both now and in the future
  • What information couples choosing donor conception are able to find out about those donating.


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