Sigmoid colectomy


Surgery to remove the sigmoid colon

What is a sigmoidectomy?

A sigmoid colectomy is performed due to cancer of the sigmoid colon or diverticular disease.

The sigmoid colon is removed and the remaining colon is sewn to the rectum. Sometimes a temporary ileostomy is created to rest the anastamosis (where the two parts of the intestine are joined back together).

Need to know

  • What happens during surgery? icon plus

    Your consultant will carefully explain the procedure before your surgery. You will need to sign a consent form. The surgery can be performed via a keyhole (laparoscopic) or open incision (larger cut on the abdomen).

    Your consultant will remove the diseased area of bowel and a length of normal bowel either side of it. The two ends of healthy bowel are then joined together. This is known as anastomosis. The wound to your tummy will be stitched closed.

    It may also be necessary to have a temporary stoma (opening in the skin) to divert stools away from the surgical join in the bowel while it heals.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    You will have a full pre-operative work-up including blood tests, swabs and an ECG (heart-tracing). You will be given medication to clean the bowel and drinks to take on the day before the procedure.
  • After surgery icon plus

    You'll stay in hospital for up to a week following surgery, depending on the rate of your recovery. It is not unusual for your bowel motion to be looser than before and for you to need to empty your bowels more frequently.

    This is normal and will improve with time. It may take a few weeks for your appetite to return. Ensure you try and eat a sensible diet with plenty of fluids, fresh fruit and vegetables. You can bath and shower as normal once you are home, however, ensure that you don't rub yourself across the wound area.

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