Rotator cuff repair surgery

Shoulder tear repair surgery

A surgical procedure to repair a significant tear in the rotator cuff, to help you regain strength in your shoulder

What is a rotator cuff injury?

The rotator cuff is formed of muscles and tendons that attach your arm to the top of your shoulder blade.

Impingement or a tear are the usual types of damage that can occur to the rotator cuff. If you have a large tear it is likely that surgery is your only option to regain strength in the shoulder.

Need to know

  • What happens during rotator cuff surgery? icon plus

    Impingement is usually treated by an arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). Your surgeon will use instruments to remove any thickened tissue, release any tight tissue and shave off some bone. Your surgeon may also be able to repair rotator cuff tears using keyhole surgery.

    In some cases they may need to use open surgery. They will use stitches that anchor into the bone. 
  • How to prepare for shoulder surgery icon plus

    Your consultant will tell you how best to prepare for your procedure. If you're having general anaesthetic they will let you know how long you should avoid eating and drinking for.
  • Post surgery recovery icon plus

    You should be able to go home the same day. Any stitches or clips are usually removed after one to two weeks. It can take up to a year to get back enough strength in your shoulder to return to normal activities. Regular exercise should help you to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

    Before you start exercising, ask your healthcare team or your consultant for advice. You may not get back the same strength that you had before you damaged your shoulder.

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