Psychosexual counselling

Sex therapy

Specialist support for individuals or couples to address their sexual difficulties or relationship problems.

About psychosexual counselling

Sexual difficulties encompass a huge range of different problems, including: painful sex, low sex drive, erectile difficulties and ejaculation or orgasm problems.

Our psychosexual counselling provides specialist support for individuals or couples to address their sexual difficulties or relationship problems.

Need to know

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    We understand that talking about sexual problems can be daunting. That’s why our service is designed to support you and your partner to discuss your sexual and relationship concerns in a sensitive, professional manner. All consultations are managed in strict confidence.

    Sex therapy generally addresses the emotional issues at the root of sexual problems and uses behavioural techniques to deal with the physical symptoms.

    Your counsellor may suggest physical exercises do at home, such as caressing one another without having sexual contact. You won’t be asked to do anything of a sexual or physical nature during your counselling session.
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    Counselling sessions give you an opportunity to explore your worries in a safe and confidential place. You’ll be able to talk to a trained therapist who will ask you questions and listen to your answers.

    Your therapist will need to get an understanding of any medical problems you have both had and any medications you take. They may also ask you to describe your relationship and they might ask about past relationships, too.

    It’s a supportive environment where there are no right or wrong answers – the counsellor is there to listen without judging or criticising.
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    Although the focus of psychosexual counselling is on sexual and relationship issues, these can often be linked to other areas of your life.

    Counselling may help to pinpoint if stress, work or family issues, financial problems or other health concerns are having an impact. If so, your counsellor may suggest other treatments to care for the physical or emotional problems that are affecting you.

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