Pancreatic necrosectomy

Surgical treatment for severe pancreatitis

Pancreatic necrosectomy is the surgical treatment of pancreatic necrosis.

What is pancreatic necrosis?

Pancreatic necrosis is serious complication of acute pancreatitis which can be fatal, particularly if it becomes infected.

Pancreatic necrosectomy is a surgical intervention that offers several options including the conventional open, percutaneous, laparoscopic, endoscopic or 'step-up' approaches.

Need to know

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    Pancreatitis is where the pancreas is inflamed, and necrosis is a complication where the tissue of the pancreas starts to die and may become infected. The goal of necrosectomy is to remove all the areas of infection and necrosis, through one of several ways.

    The open surgical approach uses an abdominal incision.

    Alternatively, an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera on the end) is inserted through the mouth and instruments are passed through the stomach wall to wash out and remove the dead tissue.

    The laparoscopic approach is where the pancreas is accessed via smaller surgical incisions, and the purulent materials are gently suctioned out.

    Following the procedure, drains are inserted from the pancreatic area, a gastric tube is placed to control secretions coming from the stomach, and an appropriate access for feeding will also be inserted.

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    As with any general anaesthetic you will need to abstain from food for six hours before the procedure. Depending on the nature of the underlying pancreatitis and chosen surgical approach, CT scanning may be used to insert a drain into the pancreas.

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    Pancreatic necrosectomy is an advanced treatment for pancreatitis and post-operative care will be in keeping with ongoing treatment for the underlying pancreatitis. 

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