A minimally invasive alternative to mitral valve surgery

The repair of a mitral valve to reduce regurgitation using a highly manoeuvrable trans-catheter technique

What is a mitral regurgitation?

Mitral regurgitation is a condition that occurs when the mitral valve does not close properly. It allows blood to flow backwards through the valve into the left atrium.

Left untreated, it can worsen and even lead to heart failure. A MitraClip® therapy is a minimally invasive alternative treatment to valve repair or replacement surgery.

Need to know

  • What happens during a mitraclip procedure? icon plus

    An incision is made in the groin area through which a guide wire runs into the heart along the vein. A puncture is made and a special sheath passed into the left atrium. Next, the clip is inserted into the left atrium through the sheath and positioned above the mitral valve.

    The clip's arms are opened out and the clip is moved down into the left ventricle. Your consultant will then retract the clip until its arms embrace the two flaps, or leaflets, in the valve. The arms then close and special grippers hold both leaflets securely in place.
  • How to prepare for your procedure icon plus

    Your consultant will talk you through the MitraClip® procedure, and you should tell them about any medication you are taking or any allergies you have. Unless they advise otherwise, you should carry on taking your medication as normal. As your procedure will take place under general anaesthetic, your consultant will let you know how long to avoid eating or drinking beforehand.
  • After the procedure icon plus

    You will usually stay in hospital for two to three days after your MitraClip® procedure. While in hospital, your consultant and specialist nurses will monitor your heart function closely. You should have relief from the symptoms of mitral regurgitation soon after the procedure. You may need to take blood-thinning medication once the MitraClip® has been inserted.

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