A procedure to remove a diseased part of the colon

What is a hemicolectomy?

A hemicolectomy is an operation to remove part of your large bowel (colon/intestine) to treat bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammatory conditions.

Either side of your bowel can be removed depending on the location of the disease (a right or left hemicolectomy). You will be told where your disease is located.

Need to know

  • What happens during a hemicolectomy? icon plus

    Your consultant will remove the diseased part of your bowel along with a portion of normal bowel from either side in order to help ensure complete excision. The two healthy ends of your bowel are then joined by stapling or stitching them together (anastamosed). Very occasionally a stoma may be required to allow the anastamosis to heal. This is usually a temporary measure and will be reversed at a later date.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your consultant will let you know how best to prepare for your procedure.
  • After your surgery icon plus

    You will spend around one week in hospital, depending on the rate of your recovery. You will wake up with a drip to keep you hydrated, and to replace body fluids. You’ll have a catheter in your bladder to drain urine. This is usually removed within two days.

    You will be discharged with pain relief medication for any pain your experience. Ensure you try and eat a sensible diet with plenty of fluids, fresh fruit and vegetables. It is not unusual for your motions to be looser than before and for you to need to open your bowels more frequently.

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