The division of a frenulum (band of tissue) in the mouth

A frenectomy is a simple procedure to release a band of tissue in a child's mouth, sometimes called a tongue-tie

Why would my child need a frenectomy procedure?

Frenulums in the mouth are thin bands of tissue, usually at the underside of the tongue, which can sometimes make it difficult for your child to nurse, eat or speak properly. A quick procedure can release or remove this tissue.

Need to know

  • What happens during the procedure? icon plus

    If your child needs a frenectomy, your surgeon will make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Depending on your child's age, your paediatric surgeon will use either general or local anaesthetic. Sometimes no anaesthetic at all is needed. The procedure itself is very quick and almost painless. Your paediatric surgeon will use either surgical scissors or a laser to snip the tissue.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your consultant will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you might have. They'll let you know if any special preparation is needed for your child depending on their age. Like all procedures, there may be some risks and side effects involved. Your consultant will explain these to you.
  • After the procedure icon plus

    The healing process is generally fast. Occasionally older children may need stitches, but usually the area will heal on its own within a few days.

    Your child should be able to nurse or eat soon after the procedure. Your consultant will tell you if you need to make any changes to your child's normal routine while their mouth heals.

The Cost Of a Private Frenectomy Procedure

Hospital stay and procedure

Prices from

£1,275 subject to the specifics of your treatment as recommended by your consultant.
Indicative consultant fees from £305


Before admission

  • Pre-assessment

During your hospital stay

  • Accommodation in a standard room as quoted above.
  • Routine admission tests
  • Patient meals are included but not transferable.
  • Nursing care and facilities
  • Theatre fees, drugs and dressings
  • Removal of stitches, dressing and plaster as required.
  • Take home medication 


  • Any additional nights in hospital not described in the above.
  • Specialist nursing above and beyond required level of care.
  • Any post-operative treatments/consultations which may be required.
  • Any additional or more complex procedures not included in our initial agreement.
  • Any readmission due to complications will result in additional charges in line with our standard prices.
  • Personal costs including visitors’ meals and drinks as well as newspapers.
  • Any costs not specified as included.

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