ERAS programme

Enhanced recovery after surgery

HCA UK provides enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) to help get you back to full health as soon as possible.


An ERAS programme can help to ensure that you are in the best possible health before having major surgery, and therefore allow you to recover more quickly afterwards. It is based on an evidence based idea that the sooner a person gets out of bed, walks, eats and drinks after an operation; they will have a much shorter recovery time.

Need to know

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    In order to enhance your ERAS programme, you need to play an active role in your own care. Before your surgery, this means that you need to ensure you are in the best health possible by:
    • eating well
    • being physically active
    • having time to relax
    • cutting down on smoking and drinking alcohol
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    You GP or consultant will give you advice to ensure you are in good health before your surgery in order to benefit from our ERAS programme. By helping to speed up the recovery process, it will also minimise the risk of developing any complications too.

    In addition, your healthcare team will also offer specific care during your treatment to help promote a faster recovery time, such as effective pain relief. They may also recommend that specific techniques are used during your surgery to help you recover more quickly, such as minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery or local anaesthetic.
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    After your surgery, your healthcare team will give you advice on how to make your recovery easier while you are still in hospital. For example, they may recommend that you:
    • stay active by getting up and walking around regularly
    • drink plenty of clear fluids
    • eat as soon as you are able to
    • keep an ERAS programme diary in order to monitor your progress

    In addition, after your operation you may also be offered physiotherapy to speed up your recovery and to help you to be discharged from hospital as soon as possible.

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