Duodenal mucosal resurfacing (DMR)

A treatment for diabetes type 2 and metabolic diseases

Minimally invasive endoscopic procedure to treat abnormalities in the gut that contribute to metabolic diseases.

What is duodenal mucosal resurfacing?

Duodenal mucosal resurfacing (DMR), also known by the brand name Revita (DMR), is a day case procedure involving hydrothermal ablation of the duodenal mucosa.

This results in the subsequent mucosal cell regeneration without the need for incisions, stitches or implants - making this treatment a first of its kind.

Our procedure uses an endoscopic technique to treat the lining of the duodenum, leading to an increase in blood glucose control and 'good' cholesterol, while reducing liver fat content and weight in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Need to know

  • What happens during duodenal musosal resurfacing? icon plus

    The procedure is carried out under sedation at The London Endoscopy Centre, and is similar to an upper GI endoscopy. A long flexible tube with a balloon catheter is inserted orally towards the duodenum. DMR  is then carried out to safely remove the lining to encourage new growth of cells.

    The procedure is viewed on a video screen and monitored via the endoscope throughout.

  • How to prepare for your procedure icon plus

    Your consultant will be able to provide you with exact details on how to prepare for the procedure.

    The procedure is usually carried out in a day case setting. Whilst it is unlikely that you will be required to stay overnight, we would still recommend bringing an overnight bag.

  • After your procedure icon plus

    Your consultant and nursing teams will meet with you to discuss how your procedure went. They will also discuss the next steps, what to do when you get home, and advise you of any side effects that you may experience. You will then be taken through the discharge process, after which you will be able to return home.

    Where possible, we suggest someone accompanies you during your procedure so they can assist your journey home. We generally advise you do not immediately commence physical activity which may compromise your treatment. For example, refrain from driving a vehicle, riding a bicycle or going for a run, and adhere to any dietary requirements as advised by your consultant.

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We're proud to work with leading gastroenterology consultants who are experiences in a range of gastrointestinal conditions and treatments, and whose skills are matched by their integrity and compassion.

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