Aquablation therapy

Heat-Free Treatment for enlarged prostate

What is Aquablation therapy?

Aquablation therapy is the latest advancement in surgical treatment for conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and associated lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

At HCA UK we use the AquaBeam® robotic system, a heat-free robotic system that uses advanced surgical mapping to create a bespoke surgical plan, and real-time imaging to safely remove enlarged prostate tissue, offering relief from urinary symptoms while preserving urinary and sexual function.

Benefits of Aquablation therapy

 Precision: Aquablation therapy offers greater precision in targeting and removing excess prostate tissue, effectively relieving urinary symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. We use two kinds of imaging in the operating room which allows your surgeon to see your entire prostate.

 Minimally invasive: Compared to traditional surgical interventions, Aquablation therapy is minimally invasive, resulting in reduced post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times.

✔ Preservation of urinary function: Aquablation therapy preserves urinary and sexual function by minimising damage to surrounding nerves and other critical structures.

What happens during your procedure?

You will have a discussion with your consultant to fully prepare you before your procedure, where they’ll discuss what you can eat and drink and they’ll talk to you about your anticipated recovery timeline. This procedure usually requires an overnight stay as you will likely be administered general anaesthetic. You can find information on what to expect as an inpatient at London Bridge Hospital here.

Aquablation therapy at Private Care at Guy's

Aquablation is available at Private Care at Guy’s, a state-of-the-art cancer centre that is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure we provide the highest standards of care and safety for our patients. It is also a centre of excellence for robotic surgery, oncology and a JACIE accredited stem cell transplantation unit for blood cancers and Multiple Sclerosis.

At London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA UK, we believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare, involving patients in treatment decisions and working closely with multidisciplinary teams to achieve optimal outcomes.

Meet our urology consultants


Mr Rick Popert

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Jonathn Noel Urologist

Mr Jonathan Noël

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Gordon Muir Consultant Urologist

Mr Gordon Muir

Consultant Urological Surgeon


Mr Ben Challacombe

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Sachin Malde, Consultant Urologist

Mr Sachin Malde

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Robotic and medical technology at HCA UK

With fewer complications and shorter recovery times, there is a body of research that indicates minimally invasive procedures, such as those robotic technology that allows our surgeons to perform and have better outcomes for patients. That’s why we’re investing in the latest technology and training the best people on how to use it.

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