Alternative parenting

Fertility options for single women and same-sex couples

Helping same sex couples and single women become parents

About alternative parenting

No matter what your circumstances, we're here to help you make the right decision for you. We know that alternative parenting can be a big decision so we aim to support you emotionally as well as physically. Our fertility services at the Lister Fertility Clinic offer counselling as standard and are able to discuss issues relating to legal parenthood and if we think you should seek formal advice, we'll always let you know.

Your fertility options will depend on your situation and the outcome of any fertility assessments you or your partner have. We offer treatments including:

Shared motherhood

An option for single women and same sex couples. Shared motherhood or intra-partner egg donation use IVF treatment, with one partner donating eggs to her partner, and becomes the 'biological mother.' The other partner carries the baby, and experiences the pregnancy as the 'birth mother'. This enables motherhood to be a shared experience right from conception.

The counselling team at the Lister Fertility Clinic is always available to offer support throughout your journey as required. We will also offer advice and reassurance on legal parenthood issues and will discuss any circumstances where seeking more formal legal advice may be sensible.


At the Lister Fertility Clinic we have a dedicated surrogacy team to look after you and your surrogate throughout your treatment journey.

Surrogacy may be an option:

  • because you have a medical condition that makes carrying a pregnancy too risky
  • because you have had many IVF treatment cycles that have unfortunately not been successful
  • you have an absent uterus or you might be a same sex couple of men.
This dedicated fertility service provides specialist continuity of care and gives you all the personalised support that will help you throughout the different steps of treatment.

Celebrating 30 years of Lister Fertility Clinic

To celebrate Lister Fertility Clinic turning 30, Dr James Nicopoullos, Dr Marie Wren and Dr Yau Thum talk about the history of the clinic and how they continue to use the latest techniques in fertility treatment. We also meet three former patients of the clinic and hear their stories.

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