Abdominoperineal resection

Anal or rectal cancer surgery

If you've been diagnosed with rectal cancer, we'll assess you to see if you need immediate chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or whether you can go straight to surgery.

What is an abdominoperineal resection?

An abdominoperineal resection (APR) is a surgical procedure that involves completely removing the distal colon, rectum, and anal sphincter, by using both anterior abdominal and perineal surgical incisions. This procedure can be undertaken if the cancer is very low in the rectum.

Need to know

  • What happens during surgery? icon plus

    An abdominoperineal resection can be carried out as an open procedure or as a laparoscopic procedure (keyhole surgery). The surgeon will use this procedure to remove your anus, rectum and part of your colon (bowel). They may also remove lymph nodes near your anus and groin.

    During the operation, we may insert a catheter (flexible tube) into your bladder to help you pass urine. We'll remove this 24-48 hours after the operation.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your consultant will explain the APR surgery to you and answer any questions you might have. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic. 

    You may be asked to limit what you eat or drink in the hours leading up to your procedure. You'll also receive medication to clean out your bowel. 
  • After your surgery icon plus

    After your operation, you'll be transferred to a recovery ward, where our dedicated team of consultants and nurses will care for you. You can expect to stay with us for up to a week. During this time, we may put you on a drip to keep you hydrated. Your consultant will let you know when you can leave hospital and talk you through getting back to your normal routine.

    In the meantime, the part of the bowel that was removed during the operation will be sent for analysis. Your results will be available within approximately two weeks and your consultant will go through your results in a follow-up consultation.

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