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Sexual health screening

If you're concerned about your sexual health, you can see one of our private consultants for an HIV test

About have a HIV test

If you think you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, it's best to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

A blood test could put your mind at rest or make sure you get the treatment you need quickly.

Need to know

  • What happens during your appointment? icon plus

    Your nurse will ask you some questions about your health and lifestyle. They then take a blood sample from your arm by inserting a fine needle into a vein. If you don't like needles, please tell your nurse so they can make you more comfortable. After they take the needle out, they apply a little pressure to the area and then cover it with a plaster.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Like all procedures, there may be some risks and side effects involved. Your nurse will explain these to you and answer any questions you might have.
  • After your test icon plus

    You'll be able to go home after your blood test. You should eat something if you feel lightheaded. Your arm might have a small bruise but this should go away in a couple of days. We'll let you know as soon as we have your results.

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