Integrated therapies for expectant mothers

Physiotherapy and nutritional support for expectant mothers

Enjoy a stress-free pregnancy by utilising our range of therapies to support pregnancy

What are integrated therapies?

We offer a wide range of therapies to support expectant mothers. Designed to complement your medical care and fitness regime, these treatments are available throughout your pregnancy and in the postnatal period. 


Our physiotherapy team are specialists in the therapeutic management of all pregnancy related conditions from back pain to pelvic floor dysfunction, continence and prolapse. Advice and treatment is offered at any point in your pregnancy. Following delivery we are able to provide you with exercise techniques to support you in getting back to your pre pregnancy activity level safely and effectively. 


Our dietitians are on hand to provide you with advice about diet and nutritional wellbeing during your pregnancy. The focus is on supporting your baby’s growth, development and to maintain your energy levels.

Consultant and midwife support

Our obstetric consultants and team of midwives, will support you through out your pregnancy and can advise suitable therapy and classes for you to undertake during your pregnancy.  

Our maternity hospital

We provide exceptional maternity care at our specialist hospital for women and children.

Contact The maternity team

Do you have some questions about our maternity care? You can contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to help.

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