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​Access to private psychology consultants at a number of HCA UK outpatients centres​

About our psychology services

Psychological services deal with the workings of the human mind. They can be applied in different ways and for different reasons but their overall purpose is to improve mental, and in turn, physical wellbeing. They can alleviate many forms of distress, treat specific disorders such as phobias and OCD, help people adjust to illness and disability, and manage pain.

Psychologists also carry out assessments on patients with neurological conditions. A psychologist can help you recover from a major operation and make your experience of being in hospital more positive.

Psychological services tend to be patient-led, meaning that your psychologist decides how to work with you based on your individual needs. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytical therapy (CAT) and dynamic psychotherapy are some of the strategies psychologists commonly use.

Our psychologists

We're proud to work with leading psychology consultants specialising in mental health linked to physical wellbeing, including sports psychology and psychosexual therapy for cancer care.

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