Paediatric surgery

Surgery for Children

Our paediatric surgeons care for babies, children and teenagers that require surgery for a range of conditions

Surgery for children

Our paediatric surgeons provide comprehensive surgical care to children suffering from a range of conditions. We deliver seamless care from diagnosis to post-surgery rehabilitation, for everything from common conditions such as flat feet and fractures to complex spinal surgery.

We perform a number of routine procedures such as hernia surgery and ear, nose and throat surgeries in our specialist surgical day care units so your child can return home the same day. If your child needs to be cared for by us overnight following their surgery, they'll be moved to our paediatric inpatient unit where they will be looked after by our dedicated team of paediatric nurses.

Supporting our nurses are a number of specialist teams including physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists, psychologists, play specialists and if needed, interpreters.

She explained everything and wrote it all down so that we knew what was happening. She was very professional and gave us all peace of mind.

Craig, Molly's dad

Our surgical expertise

Our paediatric surgeons provide everything from complex surgical treatments for newborn babies to minor surgery for conditions such as hernia.

  • Adenoid removal

    Need to know

    Adenoids are part of the immune system in children. They begin to shrink around the age of seven and usually disappear by adulthood. Adenoids can become inflamed due to frequent infections or allergies. They can cause uncomfortable symptoms for your child, such as breathing problems or ear infections.

  • Tonsil removal

    Need to know

    Tonsils are part of the immune system and help to protect the body against illness and bacteria. However, if you suffer from recurrent infections, persistent discomfort, sleep apnoea or other associated complaints, tonsil removal may be recommended.

  • Circumcision

    Need to know

    The foreskin is the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis. The procedure to remove it, known as circumcision, is carried out for religious, cultural, or medical reasons, including where the foreskin: is too tight becomes infected develops cancer Learn...

  • Ear pinning surgery

    Need to know

    Also called an otoplasty, ear pinning surgery is often carried out on adults, children and teenagers. ​Your ear is made up of folded cartilage, which is covered by thin skin. If you have prominent ears, you have a lack of these cartilage folds in your ear.​

  • Paediatric umbilical hernia repair

    Need to know

    As your baby's belly button heals, the ring of muscle where the umbilical cord used to be may not completely close over. A hernia will sometimes appear as a protruding lump at their belly button. This may be especially noticeable when your baby is coughing, crying or straining.

  • Selective dorsal rhizotomy SDR

    Need to know

    Spastic diplegia is a condition that affects around 25% of children born with cerebral palsy. Children with this condition can find it difficult to walk due to stiffness (spasticity) in their legs. Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) treatment cuts selected nerve roots in the spinal cord to reduce stiffness.

  • Undescended testicle surgery

    Need to know

    The testicles develop in a baby boy's abdomen when he is in the womb. They usually move down into the scrotum by 35 weeks of pregnancy. But sometimes a testicle doesn't descend normally. If a testicle hasn't reached the scrotum by the time a baby is six months old, it's unlikely to do so without surgery....

Our Children and Adolescent's Scoliosis Service

Watch our video to learn more about the condition scoliosis and the treatment we provide using MAGEC® growing-rods, to reduce the number of surgeries required.

Our paediatric surgeons

We have a team of top consultant paediatric surgeons treating both complex and general surgery for children of all ages, from little ones to under-18s.

Our location

From complex surgical treatments to routine procedures, we provide comprehensive surgical care to children at our paediatric facilities.

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