Paediatric pain management

Pain relief for your child

Because every child's experience of pain is different, we tailor your child's pain relief and management therapy to their exact needs.

About pain management for children

When your child becomes one of our patients, you can rest assured pain relief will be at the centre of their care. We believe every member of your child's medical team is responsible for minimising potential discomfort.

We also help children with chronic pain.

You're welcome to discuss your child's pain management with one of our pain management clinical nurse specialists at any time.

Paediatric pain management teams

We provide a wide range of pain relief and pain management therapies. Sometimes, it might be as simple as distracting them with a toy while they have a blood test.

In other cases, our consultant anaesthetists, pain management clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) and neuropsychologists will talk to you about developing a bespoke pain management plan.

If your child has surgery, their anaesthetist will make sure they have adequate pain relief during and following their procedure.

Our hospital care

When it comes to offering your child's pain management treatment you can rest assured our multidisciplinary team will offer them the best possible care.

Request an appointment with a paediatric specialist

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