Paediatric nephrology

Care for children with renal and kidney conditions

Our experienced paediatric consultants provide specialist treatment for children with both acute and chronic kidney disease

Nephrology for children

Paediatric nephrology, also known as paediatric renal medicine, is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting your child's kidneys.

With our team of world-class paediatric consultants, along with specialised paediatric imaging and nutrition services, we're able to provide the comprehensive care needed to manage a full range of symptoms and conditions associated with renal disease.

The Portland Hospital’s specialist paediatric dialysis service offers treatment for everything from acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease.

Our paediatric nephrologists

Our renal specialists work with babies, teenagers and young adults to help diagnose and manage conditions related to the renal system including the kidneys and bladder. 

Our locations

Consultations and diagnostics of renal conditions in children, mainly takes place at our flagship paediatric hospital.

Request an appointment with a paediatric specialist

To request an appointment, call our team in the paediatric unit 

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