Paediatric dietetics

Child nutrition

Interpreting and communicating the science of nutrition to enable you to make informed decisions about food for your child.

About nutrition for children

Our dietitians are specialists in the management of childhood nutrition. They can assess your child's diet, and provide nutritional advice and feeding routines to help support his/her development.


Our dietitians can provide support for children on specialist diets such as ketogenic diets (a special regime to control seizures in children) and for children who require nutritional support via tube (enteral) or intravenous (parenteral) feeding.

Difficulties with children's feeding and nutrition can be a significant cause of concern and anxiety for parents, so it is important that your family have the support that you need. You'll have access to our dedicated specialist multidisciplinary team for support and guidance.

At The Portland Hospital we also run a Feeding Clinic, which is a specialist service specifically for families and children with feeding and nutrition concerns.

Our paediatric nutritionists

Our private paediatric dietetic service is managed by a team of experienced nutritionist, who provide nutritional assessment, advice and an individually tailored dietary plan for your child.

Our locations

Our nutrition services for children are available at the following locations.

Request an appointment with a paediatric specialist

To request an appointment, call the paediatric unit on the number below. 

020 3918 6525
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