Paediatric anaesthetics

Reducing discomfort during a procedure

Anaesthetics induce sleep or numb an area of the body so your child doesn't experience discomfort during a procedure.

About anaesthesia for children

If your child is having a procedure, they might need an anaesthetic. Paediatric anaesthetics is concerned with your child's safety and comfort immediately before, during and after having anaesthetic.

Anaesthesia is generally very safe and complications are rare. If your child has a general anaesthetic, one of our consultant paediatric anaesthetists will assess them to make sure they're fit enough for surgery. And they work closely with your child's surgeon to monitor their condition. They're also responsible for managing any post-operative pain. This might include giving your child a pain relief injection before they come round.

Questions about anaesthesia

Prior to surgery your paediatric consultant and consultant anaesthetist will explain what will happen to your child throughout their stay with us, and their time in the operating theatre. 

Your consultant can answer any questions, however we have also  answered a few questions about anaesthesia during your child's stay in our FAQ section.

Our location

At our paediatric specialist facilities we offer a range of surgical procedures from the complex to everyday straightforward ones.

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