Paediatric allergy

Diagnosis and management of allergies in children

We offer access to the most up-to-date tests to help diagnose and manage allergies effectively

About allergies in children

Allergies are on the rise – they are thought to affect about 40% of British children. Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to a particular substance. The body’s immune system treats the substance as an invader and reacts.

We offer a comprehensive allergy testing service for children, we know how important it is to test, diagnose and manage allergies effectively, which is why we offer access to the most up-to-date allergy tests. 

Our consultant paediatric allergists can diagnose a range of triggers – such as dust, pets, pollen, dairy and wheat – and create treatment plans for many allergies. We offer a comprehensive allergy challenge testing service for children, including skin prick tests, IgE blood tests, food challenge and drug allergy testing.

Our allergists also offer desensitisation treatments for respiratory allergies such as hay fever, dust mites and pets. If an allergen isn’t identified or effectively managed it can lead to anything from a sniffle to anaphylaxis. 


Health Fact vs Fiction - Why am I allergic?

In episode 14 of HCA Healthcare UK’s Health Fact vs Fiction podcast, host Anna Richardson chats with Dr Helen Brough from HCA UK’s The Portland Hospital.

They discuss the causes of allergies such as asthma, hay fever and food allergies, and why it's the most common chronic disease in Europe.

Listen now to Why am I allergic?: 
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Our allergy services

  • Skin prick test for allergies

    A skin prick test is usually the first test to be carried out when looking for an allergen.​A skin prick test is a quick, painless and effective way of testing for common allergens which are eaten or inhaled

  • Food challenge allergy testing

    A food challenge is considered the 'gold standard' diagnostic test for food allergies. It is the only true way of knowing whether your child will have an allergic reaction to a food. These tests are also useful to check whether a child has outgrown their allergy to a certain food or medicine.

  • Drug allergy testing in children

    Drug allergy testing is similar to food allergy testing except it's used to check for reactions to medicines known to cause reactions. We also offer vaccinations to egg allergic children using egg-containing vaccines such as flu, yellow fever, and MMR. We also offer vaccinations for chickenpox.

Our paediatric consultants specialising in allergies

We have a team of top consultant paediatric consultants treating both complex and every day symptoms and conditions for children of all ages, from little ones to under-18s. 

Our locations

We understand the impact an allergy can have your child's life and offer a comprehensive service at our specialist paediatric outpatient clinics

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