Focusing on men's health and wellbeing

At HCA Healthcare UK, we’re committed to offering pioneering treatments and exceptional care for conditions affecting men’s health, including prostate cancerlung cancermale fertility and urological problems.

We work with specialist clinicians across a wide range of medical areas, including cancer care, urology and cardiology, who have a high level of experience in conditions affecting a man's health. Our GPs and consultants can provide routine health screening, as well as ongoing care for a chronic or complex condition.

GP's specialising in men's health

At HCA Healthcare UK we have a network of Private GP's and Private GP practices who can support you if you are concerned about any aspect of your health. Our GP's have a special interest in conditions affecting men and are experienced in investigating and diagnosing acute or chronic conditions, referring you to a specialist consultant if needed.

Pioneering prostate treatments

Our aim is to provide patients with access to the best, minimally invasive procedures.

Among our treatment options for prostate problems, we offer:

Advanced screening programmes

The best method of care is to diagnose and treat  conditions, such as prostate cancer, early. That's why we recommend annual health screenings for all men over 35.

We also offer advanced cancer screening using new MRI technology called 'Multiparametric 3T'. This technique produces highly targeted images to help identify cancer at an earlier stage.

Specialist urological care

We work with world-class consultant urologists who are focused on delivering the highest level of care. The Prostate Centre, and London Bridge Urology are specialist consultant-led clinics centered around men's health. 

Our locations

HCA Healthcare UK is dedicated to delivering the best diagnostic, treatment and aftercare for conditions affecting men's health.

Request a men's health appointment

We're happy to help you make an appointment with with one of our experienced nurses or consultants. We offer a number of clinics throughout the week for all men's health areas, so you can choose an appointment time that suits you. 

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