Gynaecological oncology

Exceptional Gynaecological cancer care for women

Our dedicated oncology team delivers comprehensive care from first diagnosis of gynaecological cancer, including ovarian, endometriosis, cervical and womb cancer.

About gynaecological cancers

Gynaecological oncology is a specialised area of cancer care focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of cancers affecting women's reproductive organs.

Our unique partnerships with top NHS trusts , LOC and our own Sarah Cannon Research Institute keep us at the forefront of emerging treatments — so we can offer you the latest options and high quality care, faster. We have clinical locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester

We also take a holistic approach to your care, not only addressing the physical symptoms, but also focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing throughout your treatment and recovery.

Diagnosing gynaecological cancers

At HCA Healthcare UK we provide access to diagnostic tests and imaging scan to support our consultants as they investigate your illness. 

Our multidisciplinary teams of gynaecologists, oncologists, surgeons and radiologists work together to provide the highest standard of personalised care for conditions including cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulval and uterine (womb) cancer.

Common diagnostics in gynaecology include:

Our cancer care services

With the latest screening facilities, advanced treatments and ongoing support, we offer comprehensive care from diagnosis to recovery.

  • Chemotherapy

    Need to know

    At HCA UK, we work will expert medical and clinical oncologists to provide the latest systemic anti-cancer therapies. Our team of specialists work in multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) to make sure you get the treatment plan that is best for you. Chemotherapy is the most common and well known systemic anti-cancer...

  • da Vinci surgery

    Need to know

    This robotic alternative to open surgery and conventional laparoscopy can treat many conditions. It causes less damage to surrounding tissue, nerves and vessels so you'll feel less pain and discomfort. A da Vinci© surgery procedure should take two to three hours, depending on the type of treatment.

  • Immunotherapy

    Need to know

    We ensure that you have rapid access to our range of immunotherapy treatments. Immunotherapy is only available for certain types of cancers, your consultant specialist can advise you on if immunotherapy may be a suitable treatment option for you. We continue to be at the forefront of innovative cancer...

  • Radiotherapy

    Need to know

    At HCA UK we provide the most comprehensive private radiotherapy network in the UK. Working with expert clinical oncologists, our team of physicists, dosimetrists and radiotherapists will provide you with the very best care.

  • Endometriosis

    Need to know

    Endometrial tissue is usually only found in the womb. Endometrial tissue found elsewhere in the body responds to hormones as it would in the womb. The tissue swells, breaks down and bleeds and is unable to pass from the body during menstruation. Instead the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed and causes...

  • Gynaecological cancer

    Need to know

    Gynaecological cancers can affect women of any age. Cervical cancer originates in the neck of the womb, known as the cervix and occurs when cells on the cervix grow abnormally. Cancer of the womb is also referred to as uterus or uterine cancer. Although it is possible for vaginal cancer to originate...

  • Ovarian cancer

    Need to know

    The ovaries are part of a woman’s reproductive system, located either side of the uterus in the pelvic area. Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the ovaries. It generally affects women over the age of 50 (after the menopause), but sometimes younger women can be affected.

  • Womb cancer

    Need to know

    The womb (or uterus) is part of a woman’s reproductive system. Cancer of the womb usually starts in the cells that form the womb lining, called the endometrium. It mostly affects women after the menopause.

Our specialists in gynaecology oncology

Your primary consultant may be a physician, surgeon or oncologist, and during cancer treatment you will be supported by specialist nurses and physiotherapists. A multidisciplinary team will be part of your care. 

Our gynaecologists at HCA UK are experienced in diagnosing and treating many different types of gynaecological cancers with many holding leading positions in the NHS. Our experienced consultant oncologists specialise in the early detection and latest treatments for all cancers affecting women's reproductive organs.

Our gynaecology cancer care locations

Our cancer care network welcomes patients from around the world to our renowned private hospitals, diagnostic centres and innovative NHS partnerships in London, Birmingham and Manchester

Staff in laboratories

Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI)

Our world-leading research centre is dedicated to developing new cancer therapies through innovative clinical trials.  

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