At HCA Healthcare UK, we use the latest research and innovative genetic testing to help determine the most effective course of treatment.


Our ground-breaking work in genetic analysis helps our consultants to determine the course of treatment that may be most effective for each individual patient. It also gives information that may be useful in identifying potential 'off-label treatments' (medicines used in a manner not specified on the label) or clinical trials. Our genetic testing services can be accessed through our HCA UK services in London and Manchester. 

World-class genetic testing

Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics

Our pioneering laboratory helps cancer patients to get the treatment that's right for them based on genetic analysis.

Preimplantation genetic screening

At the The Lister Fertility Clinic, we can screen embryos for abnormalities in chromosomes before transfer.

Advancing genetic profiling

Our new genetic profiling laboratory is the result of a collaboration between two internationally recognised facilities:

Sarah Cannon has been a clinical trial leader in advancing cancer therapies for over 10 years.

Unrivalled pathology services

Our laboratories combine advanced technology with technical expertise and continual quality monitoring to provide a world-class pathology service. 

Covering all disciplines including:

  • allergy
  • biochemistry
  • endocrinology
  • haematology and blood transfusion
  • histopathology and cytology
  • immunology
  • microbiology
  • serology

Each laboratory is equipped with the best available technology. Our laboratories services cover a wide range of HCA UK facilities in the UK including London and Manchester.

Leading innovations

For patients with metastatic breast cancer, an understanding of tumour genetics will drive new treatments.
Dr Alison Jones

Principal Investigator at Sarah Cannon Research Institute

On the international stage

We work with an international network of specialist genetic referral laboratories to access the latest scientific and technological advances.

Genetic testing at HCA Healthcare UK is a fully integrated service that works collaboratively with our wider multidisciplinary teams — from oncology to fertility — to help our patients benefit from the most comprehensive care.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Our world-leading research centre is dedicated to developing new cancer therapies through innovative clinical trials.

Contact Us

If you are concerned about whether your family history could put you at risk of developing cancer, get in touch to book a consultation in London or Manchester with our team of consultant geneticists today.

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