Care for hormone and endocrine disorders

Our expert consultants diagnose and treat a range of endocrine conditions including thyroid and pituitary disorders, as well as diabetes

What is endocrinology?

Endocrinology is the study of conditions that are caused by hormonal dysfunction. These conditions can affect you or your child's growth and development, metabolism function and weight. With comprehensive diagnostic screening services, we focus on early detection so we can deliver a course of treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Our endocrinologists are experienced in the management of all endocrine diseases, including thyroid conditions, pituitary disorders, obesity and diabetes. If you are a person with diabetes, we have the expertise and facilities to provide the highest quality of care, from a full range of diagnostic tests to treatment and support from specialist dietitians, podiatrists and nurses.

At The Portland Hospital, our paediatric endocrinologists treat children with a variety of growth and development disorders, as well as other conditions of the endocrine glands.

Diagnostics to support diagnosis and investigations

Our on-site diagnostic facilities test for a range of hormone dysfunctions, helping our consultants deliver the best course of treatment for you.

  • Thyroid scan

    Need to know

    The thyroid is a gland in the neck. It can be affected by several diseases. You can test for these in a thyroid scan, which is a type of nuclear medicine imaging. Our clinicians have experience of all aspects of thyroid disease and offer diagnostic services and treatment for every thyroid condition.

  • Advanced health screening

    Need to know

    When you see one of our private GPs, they can quickly refer you for a range of diagnostic tests if they spot something that they think needs further investigation. This includes tests to check: adrenal health bowel health breast screening cognitive health heart health fitness liver health ovarian health...

  • Nutritional services

    Need to know

    Our nutritional services are designed to enhance your care in many ways - from helping you manage a long-term digestive condition to supporting your recovery from an operation or sports injury. 

Our endocrinologist

Our experienced consultant endocrinologists can diagnose, treat and help to manage both common and complex conditions caused by hormone problems.

Our locations

Each of our hospitals is a dedicated to focusing on excellence in healthcare, where you'll receive the highest standard of care from a dedicated medical team.

Contact us about endocrinology appointments

Our helpline advisors can assist with enquiries about booking an appointment with a specialist. 

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