Private Dermatology Services in London

Private medical and cosmetic dermatology care

Our dermatology team specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the skin, hair and nails — from common problems to complex skin cancers

What is dermatology?

As the largest organ of your body, your skin can be affected by a large number of conditions — from minor blemishes such as scars or birthmarks to cancers resulting from years of sun exposure. Our experienced skin care experts diagnose and treat a full range of skin problems such as acne and infections, as well as inflammatory skin diseases like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

We provide comprehensive mole evaluation and the removal of benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions, including warts. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, our multidisciplinary teams of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists and oncologists use their combined expertise to deliver treatment for everything from basal cell carcinoma (BCC) to malignant melanoma.

We also offer expertise in cosmetic dermatology to improve the appearance of blemishes, scars and age-related skin problems using laser treatment, injections and chemical peels.

Dermatology expertise

Whether you noticed an unusual rash or mole, or hope to improve the appearance of a scar or a birthmark, we can offer the expert skin care you need.

  • Mole mapping

    Need to know

    If you have multiple moles, new or large moles, or a family history of skin cancer, you may want to consider mole mapping. Mole mapping identifies new moles or changes to existing moles, which can be a sign of skin cancer. By having mole mapping it makes it easier to detect these changes, leading to...

  • Skin Tag Removal

    Need to know

    Common skin lesions include moles, freckles, birthmarks, cysts, warts and skin tags. Although they're usually harmless (benign), you may have a lesion removed for cosmetic reasons or as a precaution against skin cancer. You may also have a skin lesion removed to diagnose or treat skin cancer.

  • Mohs surgery

    Need to know

    MOHs surgery is used to treat cancers — including basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma — on the face and other sensitive areas. The surgery removes the skin in thin layers, each layer is analysed under a microscope, the process is repeated until no further cancer cells are present.Mohs surgery is recommended...

  • Scar revision

    Need to know

    If you have a scar caused by an injury or a previous surgery, revision treatment can minimise the appearance of old and new scar tissue – including keloid scars, contractures and facial scars. Depending on the size and location of your scar, your consultant will recommend the best treatment for you.

Our dermatologists

Under our care, you'll be looked after by an experienced consultant dermatologist from your first visit.

Your consultant will take a medical history and exam your skin. They may arrange further tests to confirm diagnosis.
GI services for Children

Dermatology care for children

At The Portland Hospital we have paediatric consultants specialising in dermatological problems in children. The Portland has outpatient clinics running weekly and any diagnostic tests can take place at the same location.  

Our dermatology locations

Our facilities are equipped to offer on-site diagnosis and the latest dermatology treatments, including phototherapy, laser treatment and Mohs surgery.

Make a dermatology appointment

We can offer appointments with leading dermatologists throughout London, at a time that suits you 

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