Perthes disease

Avascular necrosis

If your child has hip problems they may have Perthes disease. Our paediatric experts can help to diagnose and treat them

What is Perthes disease

Perthes disease is a rare condition relating to your child's hip joint. It occurs across different stages beginning with restricted blood supply to their femoral head (top of the thigh bone). This leads to inflammation and irritation. Treatment helps a newer, stronger bone to form. This can re-establish normal movement.

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of Perthes disease? icon plus

    Symptoms of Perthes disease may include:

    • hip, groin, thigh or knee discomfort
    • discomfort in the above areas after physical activity
    • muscle spasms and/or irritation around the hip
  • Diagnosing Perthes disease icon plus

    Your child's consultant will discuss their symptoms with you to help make a diagnosis. They will carry out a physical examination to assess the motion in your child's hip. An X-ray will help your child's consultant determine whether a procedure is needed.
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Non-surgical treatment options

    • Physiotherapy sessions to help strengthen the hip joint and increase movement.
    • Crutches to assist with walking.
    • Wearing a temporary plaster cast or special brace can reposition the femoral head into the hip socket. During this your child's consultant may perform an arthrogram. A small amount of dye is inserted into the hip joint to view the injury more clearly.

    Surgery options

    • For children over eight years old, an osteotomy may be recommended. This is when an area of the bone is cut slightly to be realigned with the hip socket. This option will of course be discussed at length with you beforehand.

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