Morton's neuroma

Morton's metatarsalgia

If you experience Morton's neuroma or foot problems, our orthopaedic experts can help to diagnose and treat you

About Morton's neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a foot condition which can cause severe pain as the nerves between your toes become irritated and thickened.

Middle-aged women can be particularly affected as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes. Runners are also prone to this injury.

Our orthopaedic foot and ankle consultants can help your rehabilitation with a range of treatment options.

Need to know

  • Symptoms of Morton's neuroma icon plus

    Some of the symptoms of Morton's neuroma may include:

    • tingling sensation in your toes that worsens over time
    • eventually, this may lead to a burning or shooting pain in the ball of your foot
    • pain in your toes and foot when walking and/or running
  • How is Morton's neuroma diagnosed? icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your symptoms with you to help make a diagnosis. Specific things they may look for include:

    • if you experience pain when they press between the third and fourth toes
    • a strange clicking feeling between the bones of your foot, an X-ray will be able to rule out other injuries that relate to broken bones
    • ultrasound images of soft foot and toe tissues can help to identify neuromas
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you and help to determine the best approach.

    Non-surgical treatments

    • orthotic devices such as soft pads to place in your footwear
    • painkillers or steroid injections to ease severe discomfort

    In some special cases, your consultant may recommend surgery. To access the nerve, your surgeon will make a small incision at the top or bottom of your foot. This is carried out under local or general anaesthetic. They can then remove tissue parts to increase space around the nerve. Alternatively, they may remove the nerve completely. This will create permanent numbness around your toes.

    More about surgery for Morton's neuroma

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