Lisfranc injuries

Lisfranc fracture or metatarsal injuries

A Lisfranc injury is named after French surgeon, Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin, who discovered the consistent fracture pattern occurring amongst members of cavalry.

What is a Lisfranc injury?

A Lisfranc injury occurs in the middle part of your foot. This can include ligament damage or breaking the metatarsal bones. Due to the complex nature of this injury, the recovery process can be a gradual one. Our foot and ankle specialists can help your rehabilitation with a range of treatment options.

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of Lisfranc injuries? icon plus

    Symptoms to be aware of in Lisfranc injuries include:

    • bruising and swelling on the top of your foot; in particular, bruising on the bottom of your foot
    • pain when trying to stand, walk or applying pressure on your injured foot
  • How is a Lisfranc injury diagnosed? icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your symptoms with you to help make a diagnosis. Specific things they may look for include:

    • Bruising on the bottom of your foot. This suggests a midfoot fracture or ligament damage
    • If you experience pain when your consultant applies pressure to your midfoot
    • An X-ray will determine if you have any fractures (broken bones)
    • An MRI scan to assess tissue and tendon damage. This can help to confirm or rule out a Lisfranc injury
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your treatment options and help to determine the best approach for you.

    • Non-surgical treatment - If there are no fractures, you may be given a special boot to wear for up to six weeks. This protects your foot from further injury while it heals.
    • Surgical treatments
      • Internal fixation. Fractured bones are held in their correct place with plates and/or screws. These can be removed after three to five months.
      • Fusion. If the damage to your foot is more severe, the fractured bones are fused together. This helps them heal and strengthen as one solid piece.

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