Kyphosis in children

Upper curvature of the spine

If your child has congenital kyphosis our paediatric experts can help to diagnose and treat them

About kyphosis

If your child has kyphosis, you may be able to identify this from a curvature of their spine when viewed from the side. Scoliosis is a curvature seen from the front. It is possible for both conditions to be present in the same child. It can develop in the womb. Whilst everyone has a slight spinal curve at the top of their back, kyphosis in children can be diagnosed if the curve is beyond 50 degrees. Our consultants have the expertise to diagnose and treat this.

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of kyphosis in children? icon plus

    There are clear physical symptoms to be aware of if you feel your child may have kyphosis. These include:

    • visible curvature of the upper spine when viewed from the side
    • difference in shoulder height and/or position
    • uneven posture
    • upper back appears higher than normal when bending forward
    • back pain
  • How is kyphosis diagnosed? icon plus

    Your child's consultant will discuss their medical history and symptoms with you, helping them to make a diagnosis. Tests we offer to diagnose may include:

    • a physical examination to assess appearance
    • X-ray to review images of tissue and bones
    • MRI scan to explore your child's spine in greater detail
    • blood tests
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your child's treatment options and help determine the best approach for them.

    • Regular checkups every four to six months to closely monitor your child's spine.
    • A special brace or cast may be fitted to prevent further curvature of their spine.
    • In some severe cases, if the curve of your child's spine is more than 75 degrees a surgical procedure may be recommended. This is to limit further progression of the curve.

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