Ganglion cyst

A benign mass or swelling overlying a joint or tendon that commonly appears on your wrist or finger joints

About a ganglion

The clinical presentation of a ganglion is a visible bump. The exact cause of a ganglion is unknown but ultimately, a ganglion is a fluid-filled sac that arises from a tendon or joint that may be irritated.

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of a ganglion? icon plus

    Although ganglion's are often symptom-free, they can become painful with certain activities, movements or positions. This can interfere with everyday functions and typically come and go. Ganglion's can also press against a nerve, causing pins and needles, numbness or generalised discomfort. Aside from serious medical consequences, you might simply be unhappy due to the general appearance of the bump.
  • How is a ganglion diagnosed? icon plus

    The diagnosis of a ganglion is typically straightforward. Our hand specialists are able to quickly diagnose and recommend the most appropriate form of treatment.
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Non-invasive treatment options may include:

    • rest and/or splinting, limiting movement and load through the joint to reduce irritation to the ganglion
    • aspiration, draining of the fluid-filled sac using a needle; sometimes a steroid injection is recommended

    Surgical removal of a ganglion may be suitable when the lump is persistent and causing other issues.

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