Aortic stenosis

Narrowing of the aortic valve opening

If you have symptoms of aortic stenosis, our multidisciplinary cardiac teams can diagnose and treat the disease

What is aortic stenosis?

Aortic stenosis occurs when there is a narrowing of the aortic valve in your heart. This narrowing means the aortic valve is unable to open as fully as it should. This both restricts and blocks blood flow from your heart to the main artery in your body (aorta) and elsewhere in your body.

As a result your heart has to work harder to pump blood through, which can eventually lead to a weakened heart muscle and other symptoms related to aortic stenosis.

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of aortic stenosis? icon plus

    Patients with aortic stenosis can experience mild to severe symptoms, and may not occur for many years despite you having the condition without realising.
    Symptoms of aortic stenosis include:

    • Chest pain
    • Extreme fatigue, especially from exertion
    • Faintness or dizziness, particularly when being active
    • Heart murmur
    • Heart palpitations
    • Shortness of breath

    For children, not eating enough or gaining enough weight can be a sign of aortic stenosis

  • How is aortic stenosis diagnosed? icon plus

    An early diagnosis of aortic stenosis is key to successful treatment. If you have been displaying symptoms associated with the condition, your consultant may firstly carry out a physical examination. This will likely including using a stethoscope to detect whether or not you have a heart murmur.

    Other diagnostic tests they may carry out include:

  • Treating aortic stenosis icon plus

    As with many cardiac conditions, treatment options for aortic stenosis very much depend on the severity of the condition. 

    If your symptoms remain mild and no great risk to your immediate health, your consultant may recommend healthy lifestyle changes relating to diet and exercise. They may also provide you with medication to minimise risk of further complications.

    If surgery is required, treatment options include: 


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