Anal bleeding

Bleeding from the bottom

A small amount of one-off bleeding from your bottom isn't usually serious but should be investigated by a consultant

What is anal bleeding?

Bleeding from your bottom can happen for a number of reasons. If it's an isolated occurrence it is unlikely to be anything serious and may be a symptom of haemorrhoids. However, it is important to get checked as it can sometimes be a sign of bowel cancer. This is easier to treat if it's found early so you should not ignore your symptoms.

Need to know

  • What do I look for if I suspect anal bleeding? icon plus

    Symptoms may include:
    • Pink water in your toilet after passing stools
    • Blood on your toilet paper
    • Blood in your stool
  • How is anal bleeding diagnosed? icon plus

    Your consultant may perform a physical examination to check what is causing your symptoms. This might include checking your bottom with a gloved finger, providing a sample of your stool for lab testing or referring you for specialist imaging tests, such as an MRI scan.
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Treatments will be dependent on the cause of your anal bleeding. They may include:
    • Haemorrhoids. Topical ointments and gels to reduce the inflammation. In severe cases, banding or removal.
    • Bowel cancer. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

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