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Each person’s experience of cancer is different and for many patients adjusting to life during and after treatment may not be simple, so it's important that each patient gets the support they need at the time that's right for them. We believe in person-centred care, our priority is to offer you the very best treatment plan designed specifically for your individual diagnosis, whilst also supporting you and your loved ones with the challenges of living with and after cancer treatment.

At HCA Healthcare UK, we have a team of cancer experts who can provide support that is right for you, including help with diet, physical therapy or emotional support. They’ll work with you to put a plan in place that suits your individual needs. There is lots of help and support available to help you manage any short-term or longer-term effects of treatment.

This may be one-to-one support or you may benefit from connecting with people in a similar situation to you. Sometimes connecting with others who have had a similar experience can really help you process your own emotions and provides a safe space to share some of your own thoughts and fears. Taking care of your own wellbeing will mean you are in a better position to support your family or friend with their wellbeing too.

A programme centred on supporting patients and their loved ones

Kevin and Jason are cancer patients who attended The Wellbeing Space at The Christie Private Care. A programme centred on supporting patients and their loved ones during and after treatment.

The Wellbeing Space provides a safe and supportive arena to share concerns and personal insights with a collection of people going through a similar experience.  You do not feel so ‘out on your own’ anymore.” - Kevin

It’s always seemed to me that unless someone has actually experienced the disease for themselves, they can never truly understand. That’s why your cancer well-being groups are so very, very important.

From the very first meeting and right the way through, it was hugely comforting to meet a bunch of guys who truly understood, and extremely encouraging to see the progress made by the ones who were further into the recovery period. A little light at the end of the tunnel works wonders!”- Jason

Male support groups

A diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer can affect your emotional relationships as well as your physical relationships. Erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, changes in orgasm, or changes in body image can all impact your sexual relationships after treatment. While there is both medical and emotional support to help you in your sexual recovery, it’s important to know these effects of treatment are common and you are not alone, our experts are here to help you get the support that is right for you.

Sex, intimacy and prostate cancer

It’s important that if you want to, you can talk about the impact of prostate cancer treatment on your relationships and sex life. There is a lot of medical and emotional support available to you so that you can still have a fulfilled and healthy sex life after prostate cancer treatment.

Here Amy Spurdens, Urological Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) at the London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, discusses the impact that prostate cancer and its treatment can have on sex, relationships and intimacy, and some of the ways you and your partner can navigate these.  


At HCA Healthcare UK, across our network of hospitals and clinics, we have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating cancer. Our teams of cancer specialists, including consultants, cancer nurses and other cancer healthcare experts, come together to ensure that each individual patient receives a personalised treatment plan.

Our cancer care network is based in London and Manchester, where patients can expect the very best diagnostic tests, treatment, aftercare and support.

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