HCA Healthcare UK and men's health

HCA Healthcare UK is commited to the diagnosis and treatment of men's health issues across the board. 

The Prostate Centre is led by experts in men's health and uro-oncology. The clinic's consultants and clinical staff work together as a team to provide innovative and evidence-based care.

HCA UK also offers a wide range of services and treatments which could make a positive difference to someone's life.

Regardless of whether you, or a family member or friend, believe you have a potential men's health issue - get in contact with us today to receive expert advice and information.

What is Movember and what is Movember for?

Every November, since 2003, the 11th month of the year has become focused on two things, moustache's and men's health - but mainly men's health.
Movember began in Melbourne, Australia with 30 men growing moustaches or 'mo's' to ressuracte a hairy fashion trend and to raise awareness of prostate cancer and men's health issues.

Those 30 men has turned into more than five million people (men and women) around the globe who have grown moustaches or just helped the cause. In the process it has raised more than $700m (AUS) and funded more than 1,200 men's health projects.

The subject of prostate cancer hit the world of sport in late December 2019 when Bob Willis, the legendary England cricketer and broadcaster, passed away. In memory of the impact he had on the sport, the Bob Willis Trophy was played for between all the major counties in England and Wales. The competition was won by Essex who beat Somerest at Lord's in the final.

Find out more about Movember here.

What are the rules for Movember and what if I have a beard?

The rules for Movember are simple. You must have a clean-shaven face on 1 November. Then for the rest of November you must grow a moustache. No beards are allowed, neither are goatees or fake moustaches!

Prostate cancer

HCA Healthcare UK is committed to the most advanced, personalised cancer treatment and care. We partner with Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK, the cancer research institute.

Multi-parametric MRI scan of the prostate

A multi-parametric MRI scan is an imaging technique to help diagnose prostate cancer. It produces high-definition images of the prostate which can help identify, and locate, a prostate tumour. 

What is prostate cancer?

What is prostate cancer? What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? How is prostate cancer diagnosed? If you are worried about any symptoms you have, book an appointment today.

What is a door handle conversation?

When men see their GP, they often feel embarrassed to tell their doctor what’s truly bothering them, so they leave it until they’re about to leave the doctor’s surgery. 

<b>Book a GP appointment here.</b>

Move for Movember: Desk exercises

With many of us working from home, it’s important to take care of our posture and make sure we’re regularly stretching and moving our bodies. 

<b>Learn more about the physiotherapy we offer here.</b>

Men's health

Advice for prostate concerns

Christopher Blick, consultant urologist at The Princess Grace Hospital, explains the importance of early detection and identifies some of the risk factors you should be aware of.


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Testicular cancer: Signs and symptoms

It’s important to build awareness around a topic that men might find uncomfortable: testicular cancer. Jeremy Oates, consultant urological surgeon at The Wilmslow Hospital, shares some of the signs and symptoms. 


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Special guests Jason Cundy and Dominic Littlewood

I had my operation on the Monday, by Friday I was riding my motorbike
Dominic Littlewood

TV Presenter

Also joining Anna are ex-professional footballer Jason Cundy, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer as a younger man, and TV’s Dominic Littlewood, whose doctors discovered he had prostate cancer during a routine check-up.

Both Jason and Dom talk about their fantastic experiences with medical professionals throughout their diagnoses and treatment, which played a major role in helping to alleviate the stress and emotional impact of their conditions on each of their families.  

Listen to Health: Fact vs Fiction - Having the balls on Apple podcasts now.

Listen to Health: Fact vs Fiction - Having the balls on Google podcasts now.

Episode 15 - Probing the Prostate 

In episode 15 of the ‘Health Fact vs Fiction’ podcast, Anna Richardson talks in-depth about prostate cancer and related health issues with consultant urological surgeon Mr Ben Challacombe from The Prostate Centre, part of HCA Healthcare UK.
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