A range of support to suit you

Each person's experience of cancer is different, and for many people adjusting to life during and after cancer treatment can be difficult. It's very important that each individual gets the support they need at a time that's right for them. At HCA Healthcare UK we believe in person-centred care, our priority is to offer you the very best treatment plan which has been designed specifically for your individual diagnosis and personal needs, whilst also supporting you and your loved ones with the challenges of living with and after cancer treatment.

At HCA Healthcare UK we have a team of experts who can provide you and your loved ones with the support you need to navigate the challenges of your diagnosis and treatment, as well as your work and family life. You will have access to personalised care including assessment of your individual needs, care planning, well-being information and expert support. 

Support services

Our support services are available to you at every stage of your care and for however long you need them.

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    Support forums and events

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    Exercise groups

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    Counselling and psychology

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    Music and art therapy

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    Lymphoedema therapy

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    Speech and language therapy

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    Complementary therapies - including aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, reiki and acupuncture

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    We also provide a range of other services including hair and image support, psychosexual therapy and spiritual and religious care.

Connecting with others

Cancer treatment can be challenging, so most people are relieved when their treatment comes to an end. However, many cancer survivors face new challenges and getting 'back to normal' may not be so simple. Sometimes connecting with others who have had a similar experience can really help you process your own emotions and provides a safe space to share some of your own thoughts and fears.

Hear more from Helen, who attended the Wellbeing Space at The Christie Private Care, a programme centred on supporting patients and their loved ones during and after treatment.

Having just completed nine months of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy) the wellbeing course provided a perfect transition away from the regimented diary of hospital appointments and support to coping with the new normal. The course helped to address some of the issues and opportunities and tackled head on some of the struggles that people face.

Discussing with a group of people with similar experiences meant that questions could be answered, experiences shared, and information exchanged, sometimes that we didn't even know that we needed to know or might have been too embarrassed to ask.

Importantly it was a safe environment to explore some of the feelings that we may not have been able to share with others, as we are too busy being strong and coping. It taught us to be kind to ourselves, to give ourselves recovery time and importantly a group of strong like-experienced people who have now become friends.

I feel stronger and more confident from the information shared and know that you and the team are there should any other issues appear - reinforcing that we are now cancer free but not alone.


Supporting a loved one or family member

Find out more about how you can support a loved one or family member after active cancer treatment with advice from Specialist Psychologist Dr Elaine Mayon-White, from The Harley Street Clinic.
GP with patient

Getting a second opinion

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, whether or not you have started treatment, a second opinion can give you reassurance and peace of mind.  

Our second opinion service is led by expert consultants.  They will provide a comprehensive review of your current and past medical history, to identify the best treatment options for you. This review may identify new treatment options or simply confirm you are already receiving the best treatment.  Either way it can help you make an informed decision about what is best for you.

We offer a second opinion service in London and Manchester, covering a wide range of specialities.
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