Treatment plans personalised to you

At HCA Healthcare UK your treatment and care will be led by a whole team of cancer experts, their goal will be to find the most effective treatment for you. They’ll do this by working with you to understand your individual medical and personal needs and aligning your treatment and support into a personalised care plan.

There are a number of treatment options for bowel cancer, the type of treatment recommended to you will depend on your individual diagnosis, including the stage of bowel cancer you have been diagnosed with.

In many cases surgery remains the main treatment option, often combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy when required. With significant advancements in the types of surgery over the years, from open, to laparoscopic and robotic, our surgeons now have a greater range of treatment techniques than ever before. Across our healthcare system we have a team of expert surgeons who specialise in all types of bowel cancer surgery from routine open and laparoscopic surgery to advanced HIPEC procedures.

Working closely with your chosen consultant you will receive the dedicated support of a named Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). CNSs are senior nurses who specialise in specific types of cancer, their role is to coordinate your care with the wider clinical team, providing medical, practical, and emotional support throughout your treatment, care and recovery.

Innovations in bowel cancer surgery

From robotics to cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC, our team of expert surgeons from across HCA Healthcare UK share their insights into the most innovative surgical techniques for bowel cancer.

Five years cancer-free, thanks to revolutionary cancer surgery

"I left every consultation thinking that Mr Selvasekar had given me a lifeline, rather than a life sentence, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful."

Johanna was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in 2016. After finding Mr Chelliah Selvasekar, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at The Christie Private Care, she was offered cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC, and is now living cancer-free.

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