Tina's biological knee replacement

Tina and her consultant Mr Ian McDermott, Orthopaedic Surgeon, share the story of her successful biological knee replacement surgery.

Tina patient story

Tina's biological knee replacement

The surgery has certainly changed my life. I can continue doing my sports and walking is now pain-free, which I couldn’t do before.


Tina was suffering with persistent pain in her knee when she went to see Mr Ian McDermott at London Bridge Hospital. She’d torn the cartilage in her knee about 10 years earlier, which had led to her having the tear removed. But since then her knee had deteriorated badly. 'She had a very bad knee with widespread bare bone inside the knee, with all the cartilage worn away and no cartilage shock absorber,' Mr McDermott says. He recommended a biological knee replacement, which is a complex soft tissue reconstructive surgery. Mr McDermott is one of only a few surgeons in the UK to perform this type of surgery. 'His level of knowledge and skill were what I needed,' Tina says. 'I couldn’t recommend it more. Ian still emails me to find out how my knee is.'
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Tina's support team

Ian McDermott

Mr Ian McDermott

Consultant Knee Surgeon

Orthopaedic Care

London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

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