Susan’s cancer treatment

Susans patient story oncology care

Susan's had cancer in nine parts of her body. Thanks to the treatment she's had at our facilities, she's still with us today

Susan patient story

Susans cancer treatment

I can do things I didn’t even dare to dream I would ever be able to do again.


When Susan found out she had cancer, it wasn’t the first time. Doctors first diagnosed her with breast cancer nine years ago. She’s since had cancer in eight other areas of her body, including five times in her liver. In this situation, the cancer is usually inoperable. However that wasn’t the case for Susan, who was being treated at one of our specialist facilities, The Christie Private Care in Manchester.

Susan was offered a liver resection procedure to remove the tumours and thanks to this treatment, she’s still here today.

Normally, when breast cancer spreads, it is a death sentence. But it doesn’t have to be that way,' Susan told the Daily Mail in 2013.

'I can do things I didn’t even dare to dream I would ever be able to do again.'  

While at The Christie, Susan had access to the latest drugs, treatments and expert consultants, including leading oncologists. She also underwent the high-tech CyberKnife cancer treatment at The Harley Street Clinic, part of our cancer network. Since her treatment, Susan’s gone on to raise £30,000 for The Christie Charity, which will help other cancer patients.

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