Natasha's birth story

Natasha shares her patient story about giving birth

Giving birth at The Portland Hospital is becoming a family tradition for new grandmother Tessa Courage and her daughter Natasha Crystal.

Natasha patient story

Natasha's birth story

The Portland is a very special place for our family.
Tessa gave birth to Natasha on 10 August 1983 – just a few months after The Portland Hospital opened its doors in London for the first time. Now Natasha has followed in her mother’s footsteps by choosing the Portland for the delivery of her twin girls, India and Maya. ‘I had a real sense of deja vu when I walked in before Natasha gave birth. The big difference was this time I was going to be a grandmother,’ says Tessa. Tessa has nothing but very fond memories of her time at The Portland Hospital. ‘I remember having wonderful care all those years ago. Giving birth is a big life event and all the staff here seemed so attentive and genuinely pleased for us when we had Tasha – even though they obviously saw babies born every day,’ recalls Tessa. ‘Going back to the Portland after 30 years for Natasha’s delivery was very reassuring – I knew she was in safe hands.' With her mother's encouragement, Natasha also knew that giving birth at The Portland Hospital was the right choice. ‘I’ve always heard her talk about the wonderful experience she had, so when my gynaecologist, Miss Clare Mellon, suggested she deliver my babies there, I didn't hesitate,' says Natasha. With her husband Ben by her side, Natasha's cesarean delivery of two beautiful twin girls went just as planned. 'Classical music was playing and everything felt very calm and relaxed,' Natasha recalls. India was delivered first and Maya followed her into the world just two minutes later. It seems the tradition of giving birth at The Portland Hospital is set to continue. ‘I’d been born in the same hospital and there I was, now a mother myself. It was very special,' says Natasha. 'I’ll certainly go back there if I have more children.’
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