Lucy's caesarean delivery

Lucy's story about having a caesarean birth

Lucy shares her experience of having a baby by C-section

Lucy patient story
Although giving birth is never easy, however it happens, the staff involved in my care were so calm and reassuring, I felt completely safe.

Lucy's story

When Lucy and her husband Ben found out their baby was in breech position they knew they needed to reconsider their plan for a natural birth. Lucy and Ben researched information on breech delivery and consulted family and friends. ‘We received advice from many sources,’ says Lucy, ‘but much of it was conflicting and it was hard to know what to think.

My cousin had recently given birth at The Portland Hospital and highly recommended her consultant, Mr Jeffrey Braithwaite, so we made an appointment.’ Mr Braithwaite, one of the country’s leading obstetric and gynaecology consultants, delivers over 100 babies each year at The Portland Hospital. His experience immediately put the couple at ease. He recommended a caesarean delivery as the best option for both Lucy and her baby.

Lucy took the news in her stride. ‘My main concern was for the safety and well-being of my baby and myself, and Jeffrey reassured me that a caesarean was indeed the safest option.’ When the time came, Mr Braithwaite performed the caesarean section and the couple welcomed healthy baby Saffron into the world. Two years later, when Lucy and Ben discovered they were expecting a second baby, they knew exactly where they wanted to go for maternity care. ‘We’d had such a positive experience with The Portland Hospital and completely trusted Jeffrey, so it was the obvious choice to return for my second pregnancy,’ says Lucy.

Maternity care at The Portland

The Portland Hospital and Mr Braithwaite provided all of Lucy’s antenatal care. As the due date approached, the couple discovered that their second baby was lying in a transverse position. As before, Lucy was advised that a caesarean section was the best way to proceed.

Mr Braithwaite safely delivered their second baby, baby Orlando, and Lucy and Ben were again struck by the quality of care they received. ‘I can honestly say that all the staff were excellent,’ says Lucy.
‘Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. My midwife, Joan, was outstanding and I’m so grateful to her. I really couldn’t fault my time at The Portland Hospital…in fact, it could make me consider baby number three!’


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