Joel’s heart surgery

Joel patient story

Joel's parents thought he just had a cold. When it turned out he needed a serious operation, The Harley Street Clinic helped him make a full recovery.

Joel patient story

Joel's heart surgery

The hospital couldn’t have prepared him better.

Joel's mum

When Joel was 10, his parents took him to the doctor because he was feeling poorly. They thought he just had a cold and an earache. As it turned out, he was suffering from a rare congenital heart condition called subaortic stenosis. Joel was referred to The Harley Street Clinic for treatment.

The thought of an operation can be frightening at any age, and Joel was really nervous about going into hospital. At The Harley Street Clinic, HCA UK have a team who specialise in treating adolescents and children like Joel. The team showed Joel’s parents around the paediatric intensive care unit and made sure they knew exactly what to expect.

A specialist psychologist helped Joel prepare for surgery and supported him while he was recovering. The operation was a success.  As well as curing Joel’s condition, it really boosted his confidence. So much so that he used his experience to encourage a classmate when they needed a major operation too.

Joel’s support team

Prof Deanfield

Prof John E Deanfield

Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist

Paediatric cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery

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