Jayne's IVF treatment

Jayne patient story

Jayne had been trying for 10 years to have a baby when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. The Lister Fertility Clinic helped her conceive.

Jayne patient story

Jaynes IVF treatment

Our daughter is everything we ever dreamt of. I would highly recommend the clinic.
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome often struggle to conceive. Having spent a decade trying to fall pregnant, Jayne and her husband decided to consider IVF treatment. 'I felt it was my last resource. But after trying for 10 years, I was scared to do it,' Jayne recalls. They chose the Lister Fertility Clinic on the recommendation of a friend who had two successful pregnancies following IVF. Jayne remembers that her friend had done a lot of research on her own before choosing The Lister Hospital. 'She had done a lot of ground work. She had looked into the science side and said it was the best hospital to use,' Jayne says. Treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic was a success for Jayne and her husband, too. Today, they're the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Ossie. 'It has definitely changed our lives. It's made us both very happy.' Now, like her friend, Jayne is enthusiastic about recommending the care she received. 'I can't say enough about how wonderful the doctors and nurses are. Everybody was so helpful, friendly and reassuring. And without the Lister Fertility Clinic I don’t think we’d have got to our end result.'
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