Fiona's fertility treatment

Paralympian Fiona Neale always wanted to be a mother. With help from the Lister Fertility Clinic, her daughter Sophia was born.

Fiona patient story

Fionas fertility treatment

I had three goals. One was to run the London Marathon, one was to compete against the best athletes in the world and one was to have a baby.
Fiona, who is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair, was told she’d never have a baby. After years of delaying pregnancy due to medical reasons, her local hospital said that her fertility levels were simply too low. ‘They turned around and said you wouldn’t respond to the treatment and nobody with your kind of fertility levels would get pregnant and no doctor would treat you,’ she says. But Fiona wasn’t ready to give up her dream of becoming a mother. Her tenacity, which saw her complete the London Marathon and earn a silver medal in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, served her well. While doing some research online, she came across recommendations from women in similar situations who’d successfully conceived while having treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic. Fiona found the support and care she needed here, too. She got pregnant on her first cycle of IVF treatment. Today, Fiona is the proud mum of a beautiful, healthy daughter, Sophia, and she couldn’t be happier. ‘Without the Lister Fertility Clinic, she wouldn’t be here.’
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