Emily and Stuart's IVF treatment

With a low ovarian reserve and after being turned away by other consultants, Emily and Stuart went to the Lister Fertility Clinic. Now they have twins

Emily and Stuart patient story

Emily and Stuarts IVF treatment

Then we came to the Lister where everyone was actually much more willing to try and help.
Emily and Stuart were having trouble getting pregnant. They found out that Emily had a low ovarian reserve and were told the NHS couldn’t help them. ‘We started seeing other consultants and some of them wrote us off quite early on. We had one who actually told us we had to go straight to egg donor,’ Stuart says. Emily got pregnant on her first treatment cycle. Today they have three-month-old twins, Ethan and Evie. The couple say the Lister Fertility Clinic team were always available to answer any of their questions over the phone, even late at night. ‘We would happily recommend our friends or anyone else to come to the Lister Fertility Clinic,’ Stuart says.
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