Carolyn's skin cancer story

Meeting Mr Ciaran Healy, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, was life-changing. Carolyn shares her story of skin cancer surgery at The Wellington Hospital.

Carolyn patient story

Carolyns skin cancer surgery

I can only thank my lucky stars – and Mr Healy – for being in the right place at the right time.
She thought it was just a gnat bite. Carolyn had a tiny whitehead on her nose that quickly turned into a red lump. Within a week it had grown much larger and soon turned into an open sore. By chance, she met Mr Ciaran Healy, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Wellington Hospital. He handed her his card and told her to make an appointment. The gnat bite turned out to be something much more sinister. A biopsy showed that the sore was an aggressive form of skin cancer. Carolyn was booked in for surgery the very next day. ‘Considering this all happened just before Christmas, my initial diagnosis and subsequent treatment was both efficient and effective,’ she says. ‘I would definitely refer people to come to The Wellington and HCA because the care was just first class.’
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