Bevan's bicep tendon surgery

Personal trainer Bevan thought his career was over after a boxing injury. Surgery and expertise at London Bridge Hospital helped him get back to work.

Bevan patient story

Bevans bicep tendon surgery

My friends and colleagues are amazed that there’s such a small scar, based on the nature of the injury.
As a full-time personal trainer, Bevan’s career depends on him being in great shape. But during a boxing training session, Bevan ruptured his bicep tendon, which left him worried about his livelihood. He made an appointment to see Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, at London Bridge Hospital. Bevan says his mind was immediately put at ease and he knew he was in safe hands. His injury was successfully repaired during surgery and he also had the support of London Bridge Hospital’s physio team during rehabilitation. Bevan says he is now pretty much back to 100% fitness and strength. And he's back to his job and career. ‘I’ll always be incredibly grateful to him and the medical team for giving me back the use of my arm,’ he says.
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