The Gut Health and Function Unit

Expert-driven approach to gut health diagnosis, management and treatment

London Digestive Centre

41 Welbeck Street

London  W1G 8DU

Payment options available: This facility offers treatments at a fixed price

What is the Gut Health and Function Unit?

Chronic gut symptoms can be incredibly distressing for patients and the cause can be very difficult to diagnose, especially when obvious signs of infection or inflammation that we look for aren’t present and traditional tests, such as endoscopies and x-rays, return normal results. Many gastrointestinal symptoms can have an impact on patients’ quality of life, and without identifying the cause can be difficult to manage.

Led by specialist doctors, this symptom-based service is here to help diagnose the invisible. With fast access to specialised tests and the expertise in the research and treatment of functional gut disorders, the Gut Health and Function Unit can bring relief to thousands of patients waiting for answers.

Symptoms we treat:

Why choose the Gut Health and Function Unit?

Clinically-led by worldclass experts

Most advanced testing, driven by the best evidence

Holistic, multidisciplinary team approach

London Digestive Centre

As part of the wider London Digestive Centre, patients will have access to the clinical expertise and infrastructure to diagnose and treat the full breadth of gut function conditions, no matter how complex.

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No waiting lists, no waiting times. For any questions or to arrange an appointment, get in touch with the Gut Health and Function Unit and we’ll be happy to help.

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