Harley Street Clinic Endometriosis Centre HCA UK

Sandra, 33, Office worker, London

"Strongly recommend to use this amazing clinic. After many years of being misdiagnosed it was a great relief to find Mr Tsepov and his team. I was already speaking to Mr Tsepov on the day of inquiry and just over a month later I had the operation. All of this despite of the COVID period."

"Mr Tsepov and his team are very knowledgeable, professional and understanding also of the emotional burden that endometriosis often carries. Having stage IV endometriosis not only around uterus but also bladder, rectum and diaphragm, meant that I needed support also from Mr Chan and Mr Wilby. All three consultants worked closely together to ensure my best well being and recovery. Their continued support is very much appreciated."

"I can't write this review without mentioning Endometriosis Nurse Vicky and Stoma nurse Liz who have been providing enormous support throughout the process and gave me confidence during the recovery period. I can't recommend this clinic enough." 

Emily, 34, PR Officer, London

"I can't emphasize enough the outstanding level of care I have received from Mr Tsepov, Vicky, Nadia and the whole team at The Harley Street Endometriosis Centre."

"Mr Tsepov carried out excision surgery on my stage 4 endometriosis last month which has greatly improved the quality of my life already. I would urge any women struggling with this awful condition and looking for expert advice and care to consider an appointment with Mr Tsepov."

"From diagnosis to the surgery and follow up, everything has been seamless and the team so compassionate and caring every step of the way. They have also been excellent (and very patient!) in communicating with my health insurance provider. I'm so glad I found Mr Tsepov and can't thank him enough."
Harley Street Clinic Endometriosis Centre HCA UK
Harley Street Clinic endometriosis centre HCA UK

Irene, 37, Finance Officer, London

"Dr Tsepov and the team have been very professional since the first appointment booked in the clinic. Dr Tsepov explained to me in details and in a very clear and simple way treatment options for my endometriosis without any pressure to proceed with surgery and made me feel at ease. "

"The service at The Harley Street Clinic, doctors' and nurses' care and attention to my well being after the surgery were impeccable. Vicky (OPD Gynaecology CNS) is always there to support me and help whenever needed. I highly recommend this Endometriosis Clinic. A big thank you to Dr Tsepov and Vicky!"

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Elaine, 37, Nurse Assistant, London

"I could not ask for a better Surgeon/Consultant and team than the Harley St Endometriosis Clinic. The service is absolutely amazing. From Diagnosis to pre op, post op it is flawless. The skill set of the team is impeccable and unbelievable. Mr Tsepov is very kind and reassuring and will not pressure you and will give you so much information that you need. He is very patient explaining things to me. Miss Di Donato is very good with the scan. She was very thorough and does the ultrasound very gentle. Very detailed with the report. Dr Priya was very good in reporting for MRI."

"Mr Chan I have met and he is a very good surgeon. He too is very patient in explaining things to the patient. OPD Gynae CNS Victoria was very patient and reassuring. She goes above and beyond her call of duty to reassure that everything will be okay. All my questions she patiently answers to the best of her knowledge (which is vast!) She is always there when I need her.  She always helps whenever she can and would refer you to someone if it is beyond her scope. I highly recommend this Endometriosis Clinic as it has a very good and efficient team. I could write thousands of praises for this clinic but it is best to find out for yourself. The best care I have ever received."


Grace, 22, Dog Walker, Essex

"Dr Tsepov, Vicky and team have been the best thing to happen to me in my healthcare journey! "

"What an amazing team of specialists that are patient, thorough, kind and will go above and beyond for you. The equipment and facilities have been top notch, blowing the other private hospital I have been to out of the water."

"I have been so lucky to be a patient under the care of the Harley Street Endometriosis Clinic and would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. 
I'm so grateful to you Dr Tsepov, Vicky and team and I'm so pleased I found you!"


Joyce, 32, Senior Nurse, East London, 2019

"I have only received the most excellent, competent and compassionate care from Mr Tsepov and his team especially CNS Vicky and Mr Chan. Being a healthcare professional myself with a difficult endo, I had so many fears about endometriosis and managing it especially when it comes to fertility, but he’s given me the facts and I feel more confident about the prognosis of my case. Mr Tsepov ensured that I feel assured and well informed throughout the treatment. I'm on my way to recovery now and my family and I cant express how thankful we are for his expertise and care. After being treated “inadequately” previously for my endo, Mr Tsepov is just a life saver for me. I cant recommend Mr Tsepov enough. He’s got a very kind, humane and competent team that everyone can rely on."


Rachel, 37, Clinical Trials Manager, London

"I have received excellent care from Mr. Tsepov at The Harley Street Endometriosis Centre. From my very first appointment, I was put at ease by Mr. Tsepov & his endometriosis nurse (Vicky) by their kind nature, detailed knowledge & thorough explanations. Results from my MRI were relayed in very understandable way & treatment options were explained without any pressure to proceed. 
I was always seen either on time or early plus the waiting rooms are all comfortable, clean & well stocked with current magazines, tea & biscuits. I would thoroughly recommend."


Olga, 33, Finance Analyst, West Sussex

"If you are looking for a gynaecologist in London - look no further! Excellent service and good results. It took me a few years to find a specialist who was able to correctly diagnose and most important treat my problem. Mr Tsepov performed a major surgery with the great results. I highly recommend Mr Tsepov and his team!"

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